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watercooled's Journal

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water-cooled volkswagen enthusiasts
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This is a club for owners and enthusiasts of water-cooled Volkswagens, but this can also include anyone who owns an Audi.

This community is a good place to post general things like, "hey, I just got new "____" for my car, here are some pics!", but it's not good for anything specific like, "hey, does anyone want a left ball joint for a rabbit?" or "hey, does anyone in Athens, GA want to get together this weekend?" Please use www.vwvortex.com for these types of comments.

Please use the LJ cut if you are going to post large pictures.

Other rules:
NO CLASSIFIED ADS! If you have something for sale that is related to volkswagens go to vw_classifieds.
Posts must be relevant to watercooled VW's (or Audis).
Be courteous.

I trust that if you're smart enough to be using the internet, then you're smart enough to read rules and follow them, so posts violating the rules will simply be deleted without notice.

Many members of this community are also on VWVortex (www.vwvortex.com). Here is a reference list with names of members of this community with their VWVortex user name (let me know if I got any of them wrong):
lordseamus - Cheshire_Cat (community owner)
corradokid - corradokidg60
mommyslilmonsr - damion16v
norelevance - beany1.8t
veedubgti - VeeDub2.0
popstarkiller - Popstarkiller
inbred_cowboys - ValveCoverGasket
kob - kobidge
kittyvw - ninetyseven
morallybass - morallybass
thaddius_g - wAtchusayfoo
vwgolfgirl93 - vwgolfgirl93
scir0cc0z0rz - scir0cc0z0rz
mycrosauft - Dellorto 16v
arseniccalico - arseniccalico
bcampbell - bcampbell
defektiv - datenstrom
taurean_rage - taurus
tibbs - Hard_Rocker

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