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MKIV GTI won't start...

Subject pretty much says it all. I can't get my 2004 GTI 1.8T to start. I replaced the battery a little over a week ago and it's been fine since then. This afternoon I went out to run an errand, turn the key, all the lights on the dash come on and they simply flash and make a clicking sound. A video of what it's doing can be found here:

Stuff I've done:
-I've cleaned the terminals and the battery posts thoroughly with corrosive cleaner and a wire brush.
-It will jump for the most part but only if the jumper cables are on there well.
-I can't get the terminal clamps to tighten up (The upside down "T" shaped bolts) and consequently the terminals wiggle on the posts.
-Took the battery up to Advance Auto where I bought it and it checks out fine.

So are the terminals just not making a good connection with the battery posts? Solutions?

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