thecunningbison (thecunningbison) wrote in watercooled,

Not sure if I posted these here or not...

Took a few of her yesterday each image to enlarge.

She's an '86 Mk2 Scirocco GTX. Mint condition body outside, inside, underside as the previous owner was a stiffler for waxoil - you'd be hard pushed to find rust anywhere! Stock, except for the clear indies, clear sidelights, Jamex coilovers and Ronals.

Soon to be adding eyebrow spoiler, lower-lip spoiler, 4 branch manifold & Powerflo exhaust [once I can get the old bloody manifold off!], possibly removing the fog lamps [on or off, eh?] and an uprated headlight loom.

Next year a 20v conversion + larger callipers may well be in order if I can find a good donor car and get insurance.

Cross posted to a few other V-Dub journals, I thought I posted this here too *shrugs*, hope I don't annoy peeps.
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