Jam Horker (xwheninromex) wrote in watercooled,
Jam Horker


I'm going on a drive tomorrow afternoon with a bunch of people and my little car is dying!! I HAVE to have it tomorrow. It's a '78 Rabbit. I think the problem lies in the injectors. I'm sure they need to be cleaned. Like actually taken out and cleaned, not the gas treatment stuff (I think that's what made them worse). Once it's heated up, it's HORRIBLE. He starts shuddering really bad and jerks. I'm getting horrible gas mileage, too. I have replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. So all of that stuff is dandy. I've looked up the problem a little in my repair manual and it now points to the injectors. So...

What's the fastest way to get them cleaned????? Without taking them to a shop. I don't have the fundage for that. Thanks!

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