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xposted from the Vortex.....Corrado score

More pics...

I think this is the 14th VW I've bought, starting to loose count. But my first Corrado!

I've wanted one for years and really wanted a G60, I though the idea of having a 4 cylinder supercharged was just awesome, sounded even better than a 16V which I love in a Scirocco.

The problem is that it just seemed they were always way to pricey and way too far out from where I am, so I never could get a nice lump of cash and make a serious effort to score one. But this one found me for a great price, the owner was my next door neighbors boyfriend. It helps sometimes when you only drive VWs that you get to hear about of the local VWs never advertised.

Anyway, it has 90K og miles but I have hardly any history with the car. It got traded in at a dealer. Top priorities for me mechanically are having the g-lader rebuilt and getting a front fender repaired or replaced. The big electrical issues seems to be the pass window not working. Sunroof, spoiler and everything else works ok so far. Also the cat converter needs to be replaced ASAP so I can try to pass emissions, it looks like it's running a cat but was told it's just empty inside.

I had been all aircooled lately driving a 71 Westy and 71 Deluxe everyday, but I'm at the point where I got my westy pretty solid mechancially (rebuilt engine and tranny plus tons of other stuff) but am so freakin' excited to have a nice watercooled again and something that will be truly challenging to work on compared to the aircooled.

So amazed to have a CORRADO!!!! My ebay'ed Bentley arrived the same day the car become offically mine. First thing I started is installing my Blaupunkt CD player. =)
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Much love for the C. Congrats :D

The cats die 'cuz the G60 engine runs rich for a million different reasons—running rich causes the cat to melt, then break up and shoot out your exhaust :P. Make sure the battery voltage is high enough the engine goes rich to protect itself from running too lean under boost. Sooty exhaust, poor mileage, bad o2 sensor, CO potentiometer adj, wrong plugs (only use BOSCH W6DP0, yes they're ~$14/ea but last for 60k miles.)

This is a HUGE help from my personal Corrado mechanic, used to work at NewDimensions before they got run into the ground:

Enjoy ;)
the digi1 on those cars is horendous, and pretty inefficient at what it does...

one of the most finicky and hard to diagnose vw injection systems.

id just get rid of the g60 all together and do a turbo swap, if i were you...the charger itself is a bottomless pit and you always run the risk of it grenading.